A 60 minute consultation is best for clients who have previously been diagnosed with a speech or language disorder and require therapy services. During an assessment, the speech-language pathologist gathers background information, reviews any previous evaluations and meets with the potential client. Following a consultation, a short report including outcomes and goals is created for the client.


A 2-3 hour evaluation is best for clients who have not yet been diagnosed or treated. During an evaluation, the speech-language pathologist gathers background information by interviewing the potential client or parent. A combination of standardized tests, informal tests and observations are made in order to determine the specific needs of the client. A full report of outcomes and goals are created for the client, in addition to recommendations for frequency and duration of treatment sessions.


Individual therapy sessions are provided for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the client’s needs. Therapy sessions are conducted using various techniques to improve speech and language skills. Family education and training is given in order to support and carryover learned practices.

Group therapy sessions are arranged according to developmental level and age. Group sessions are best for children who require additional support socializing and interacting with peers.


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